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Magnetic separator A3085 cross belt   2 pulleys   2HP Magnet:30''x28''-Drum:24''Diax32''L     Jan-14
Mixer XAW03059 w/Hartley starter panel Eirich DEV-29M/2940 22716 year 1982 w/bach hopper, load cell   4 000 liters Jan-14
Molding Machine X7M3078 Rotolift Osborn 3191     w/flasks & jackets     Jan-14
No Bake AD3074 Celecta-Mold               Jan-14
Sand Cooler A3071 Fluid bed-air cooled Carrier FCAD-2680S   blower:15Hp,440CFM see web   60T/hr Jan-14
Shotblast AD3056 automatic parts washer Hydro-Blast 45 124993A 220V-1Ph-55amps w/2 basket 10'' & 23'' year approx. early 2000   Jan-14
Silo A3060 w/pulse dust arrester Ringwood Co. 60-40-10x42-0 High 3500-1       2487 cu ft Jan-14
Boxes/Bin X4W3105 Tote   Heavy Duty     60''L x 43'' w x 26'' h     Mar-14
Dust Collector XS3099 Bottom access Dukon pulse   10 Hp-ratio:5.3:1 225 bags x 8' long   15 000 CFM Mar-14
Furnace XIN3084 Reburbish Inductotherm     575 V, 3Ph, 50 Hz w/2melting box furnace   7 ton Mar-14
Gear Box A3088 Muller Falk 8SM2FA 7-265034-01         Mar-14
Ladle A3076           20'' x 15'' x 44'' H     Mar-14
Ladle A3077           20'' x 15'' x 44'' H     Mar-14
Mixer AB3098 Batch Carver 2GF           Mar-14
Moldability A3112 Controller Dietert   3800NJ-257 115V, 60 Hp, 1 Ph       Mar-14
Molding Machine AWO3095 Pitless BMM CT-6-Pinlift DV124   w/control     Mar-14
Molding Machine XAWO3086 Mod: NL3176 BMM Weston QJS-230RL DH9363 w/controls w/pattern shuttle   New 1996 Mar-14
Motor A3116 Vibrating Invicta Vibrator BK50-57 148398 230/460V,60Hz,3Ph     12566lbs force Mar-14
Motor A3117 Vibrating Invicta Vibrator BK50-57 148398 230/460V,60Hz,3Ph     12566lbs force Mar-14
Muller A3120 Motorized Gate Like new 22G w/Jordan Control         Mar-14
Muller A3026 complete, no Gear-box Simpson 22G           Mar-14
Muller A3030 part of a 22G Simpson 2G           Mar-14
Muller A3115 Spare Control Panel Simpson 215G           Mar-14
Muller A3114 Spare motor Simpson 215G w/clutch 50 Hp       Mar-14
Screen X4W3106 self dumping hydraulic Carrier Ampli-Flow   575V-3Ph,60Hz       Mar-14
Shakeout A3092 Shaker Simplicity   716S0M14C-1319   screen: 8' x12'     Mar-14
Shotblast A3100 Tumblast Wheelabrator 14 cu ft A121404 - UNI 7702   w/loader     Mar-14
Transfer A3091 Motorised   2 ways   480V 67'' x 67'' x 33'' h     Mar-14
Briquetting machine X1C2662-1 Vertical Type Made in China see web           May-14
Dust Collector XS3124 bags Flexkleen Walking Plenum   Blower 25 Hp x 10'' SP 126 bags x 5'' dia.   7/8 000 CFM May-14
Hoist AB0352 Air cable Ingersoll Rand D6100A17 RBG91655   air powered trolley   5 Ton May-14
Magnetic A3118 pulley         15 x 24     May-14
Molding Machine A0034 Pin Lift/ for parts Osborn 714-PJ 16884-A   table size:20 x 31     May-14
Molding Machine A7C3121 Rotalift Tabor 350-CM 10442200         May-14
Muller A3109   Simpson 1.5G           May-14
No-Bake System XWO3119 Rebuilt Kloster see web           May-14
Shotblast X5N3123 Rebuilt tumblast Wheelabrator 27 x 36 A122629 w/dust collector       May-14
Blower A1F3132         575 V Diam.: 30''   15 Hp Aug-14
Blower A1F3133         575 V Diam.: 36''   20 Hp Aug-14
Conveyor XA3179 Oscillating Pan Carrier BEXHH148120 24271 480V 36'' w x 70' long- counter balance     Aug-14
Core AB3178 Shooter Hansberg H12, mach. No.81 5462         Aug-14
Core A3131 Electric Harisson Double station   heating plate 24''x24'' w/control panel & hydraulic     Aug-14
Flask A3136   Fremont       22x17, 2/8/6/2     Aug-14
Flask A3138   Fremont       14x18, 5/4     Aug-14
Flask A3139   Fremont       14x18, 5/4     Aug-14
Grinder A3166 Backstand   Single end   575 V 4'' belt w/drive     Aug-14
Grinder A3167 Backstand   Single end   575 V 4'' belt w/drive     Aug-14
Hoist A3160 Air Budgit Cat.: BAHC5045 AH3642UJ       1/2 Ton Aug-14
Hoist A3185 Pneumatic Budgit   AH2581VQ       1 Ton Aug-14
Hoist A3147 w/rope control Ingersol Rand ML500K-1C28-C165   air     1/2 Ton Aug-14
Hoist A3142   Vulcan Electric L05V165 575 V     1 Ton Aug-14
Lab Equip A3182 Electric Permeter Dietert 338 1027 110 V       Aug-14
Lab Equip A3193 Rapid Sand Wash Dietert 512           Aug-14
Lab Equip A3194 Sand Strenght Dietert 400-1           Aug-14
Lab Equip A3161 Brinell Tester Tinious Olsen   50076       4 000 Kg Aug-14
Ladle A3180   Midmark 8260571           Aug-14
Magnetic A3197 Pulley         15'' diam. x 22'' w     Aug-14
Magnetic A3198 Pulley         18'' diam. x 26'' w     Aug-14
Mixer A3148 Core Carver 2GF   575 V S-Blade     Aug-14
Mixer A3162 w/hopper   C145T11FB3F   755 V,60Hz,1100 RPM       Aug-14
Molding Machine AB3186   BMM BT-6           Aug-14
Molding Machine X1C3187 Automatic Disa 2013MK-4 year '80   w/core setter, AMC & QPC     Aug-14
Molding Machine A3141 Jolt Squeeze KW (Kunkel-Wagner) Type:APM FO mach. No. 25 604 year 1978       Aug-14
Molding Machine AWO3174 Jolt Squeeze pin lift KW (Kunkel-Wagner) APM F3 25-763 year 1987       Aug-14
Molding Machine AWO3175 Jolt Squeeze pin lift KW (Kunkel-Wagner) APM F3 25-762 year 1987       Aug-14
Molding Machine A3189 Squeezer               Aug-14
Muller A3146 Mulbaro B&P BP27575   Top AC motor 550V w/wheel barrel     Aug-14
Muller A3163   B&P Mulbaro   550 V no wheel barrel     Aug-14
Muller A3157   Simpson Porto   575 V       Aug-14
Muller A3190   Simpson 1F 8703008         Aug-14
Sandblast XS3177 w/Dust Collector Canablast M-3660-P MP:34D1-0002 120V,3.4A,1Ph,60Hz       Aug-14
Sander A3164 Spindle Max OVS230-1 816 220 V, 1Ph, 60Hz w/spindle     Aug-14
Vacuum A3151 Gas Tester Stahl Gas Tech 11 99658 9711971         Aug-14
Dust Collector X3D3202       Ratio: 1:5 20 Hp, 16 filters x 36''   6 000 CFM Sep-14
Furnace XIN3207 NEW / Induction Inductotherm 350-SR Power Trak year-2007 50Hz 2x crucible 750 Kgs   750 Kgs Sep-14
Lab A3204   Magnetic Stirrer             Sep-14
Ladle X4W3209   Modern       OD:23'' x 23''H, 46'' to top of bale   1 000 lb Sep-14
Furnace XiN3249 Induction Inductotherm 500 kg crucible   350Kw main panel Transformer: 750KVA- 575/433V     May-15
Mixer X3G3248 High Intensity Eirich DEV22 C00303-year 1993 25Hp rated batch cap 81 cu ft (2,250 liter   7,700 lbs May-15
Shotblast XS3251 Swing table 6' Wheelabrator   A99635 550V- 1x 30Hp wheel       May-15

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