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The furnace is of the "Shell Mounted Ram" design wherein the furnace roof lift and swing mechanism and furnace superstructure is attached to the furnace shell. The superstructure supports the hydraulic positioned electrode columns which in turn carry the electrode arm assemblies.
The roof is lifted and swung by hydraulic cylinders. The furnace has two (2) heavy duty hydraulic cylinders which serve to foreword tilt the furnace for tapping and back tilt it for slagging.
The electrode arms are equipted with 8.0 inch diameter cast copper power operated electrode holders. Water cooled rigid copper bus tubes carry electric current to the electrode holders and connect to the secondary cables.
The electrode positioning system consists of the Whiting "Hydroarc" system. The system is complete with a piped in spare set of pumps of quick change over in the event of failure on any one of the three phases.
Hydraulic power for the roof lift and swing as well as the furnace tilt is provided by a separate unit.
The furance is complete with a 3,000 KVA 3 Phase, 60 Hertz Allis Chalmers Electric Arc Furnace Transformer. The transformer has a motorized four (4) position tap changer.
The top secondary tap is 240 volts.
High voltage electrical equipment consisting of a manual disconnect, Joslyn vacuum switch, high voltage potential transformers and other auxilary equipment is included.

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Updated September 20, 2018
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